Mr. Raymond Chen

Mr. Chen is a Silicon Valley professional with a career spanning almost 20 years in information and web technology. Most of those years were focused on implementing and developing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, alongside 10+ years of entrepreneurial web development experience.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, he began his career at Sybase, Inc. There he acquired his technical and analytical background in data mining and executive reporting, and followed that with then-cutting-edge dynamic web application development, and hands-on experience with data warehousing.

Mr. Chen left Sybase to join BigVine, Inc. There he continued his data warehousing exposure and learned the technical skills for implementing the Epiphany CRM suite. Seeing an opportunity to expand on implementing Epiphany at other companies, he left BigVine to join i-loft, Inc, a boutique company of consultants. Mr. Chen implemented out-of-box as well as custom-built Epiphany instances at numerous companies. He then continued implementation services independently.

It was at BigVine that he met his business partner who together would build the real estate services website Postlets. While implementing CRM systems during the day, building Postlets from the ground up on nights and weekends, learning all the languages and technology to do so at the same time, was the main passion. Postlets was acquired by Zillow Inc. in 2011.

Skills and expertise include website development, information delivery architecture design and implementation with third-party and custom-built tools, CRM systems, database marketing, and enterprise business intelligence/analytical applications. With experience with the market leader and open source databases, extensive knowledge of analytical reporting methodology, and expertise of web architectures, Mr. Chen's talents are prime for work helping clients deliver information and services via the web.

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